Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Life Loves: Day Tripping…

Spent a supah-dupah nice day with my loved ones, exploring the WONDERFUL little town of Los Olivos, CA…Sweetest little place amigos!

Tasted amazing organic and locally produced Olive Oils (Blood Orange and Rosemary my faves at Olive Hill Farm) and Wines (Riesling at Coquelicot)

While perusing the many interesting shops in town, came across this awesome mask…I blame the Vino for the following action shot :$

Signs of Autumn everywhere you looked, even though it’s been in the 90’s in these parts at times…Aaahhh! gotta love/hate SoCal weather ;)

Best of all, spending time with Mis Peeps! LOVE them BIG! Good times amigos…Good Times!!!

Feliz Fin and Ciao for now  :*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tunes and Reads Love: WILD!!!

I just finished this Memoir and I thought it was absolutely fantástico….Raw, powerful, honest and gripping, I could not set it down! It made me cry, laugh and hold my breath while I tried not to skip ahead, anxiety ridden for what was to come within the distance of a mere few sentences :$ 

The Author, writes about her experiences in loss, love, family and personal struggles paralleling her life to this crazy adventure she sets out on, totally unprepared for the rigors of both…Yet, one can identify with how flawed but amazing her path is, as she searches for self realization through this epic hike.

While I personally, may never take on such a mammoth endeavor for self improvement; I do believe that personal growth can truly only come through struggles and hard work, both physical and mental…and while many of our backpacks might be lighter than hers, our trail is no less monumental!

Hopeful the vistas will make it all worthwhile in the end…

Ciao for now  :*

Friday, October 5, 2012

Daily Life Loves: Hello Fall…Hello again All!!!

Hola!!! anyone left out there??!! It’s been a while :$ Took a kind of forced hiatus when daily life loves like family, work and travel took over this Summer...What happened to the so called Lazy Days of Summer

Au contraire, quite a hectic one, filled with new projects (work, Work and more WORK), caring for loved ones (Hubby had back surgery), jetting off to “exotic” locales (FL), back to school (year round peeps) and lots, lots more!!! Not leaving much time for this lil’ blog L my days started running into one another with little time to write and share via this medium…

Still I managed to stay connected to the interwebs via new (to me) apps like Instagram and Pinterest (check me out) J and while they are fun, not always as satisfying as putting my thoughts and interests down on this page, which is why I AM BACK AMIGOS!!! Hopefully to stay awhile or as long as daily life will allow ;)

Feliz Fin and Ciao for now  :*

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lil’ Loves: Kiss-kiss…

I come from an affectionate family and having grown up in South America where you greet total strangers with a quick kiss on the cheek, I’m not shy to show some love with most folks…But, I must say that I was always taken a bit aback by the practice of many parents Stateside that kiss their kids on the mouth…something that South of the Border growing up, was more appropriate for lovers than offspring :$

Alas, as with most things pre-baby, my views on that have shifted as well. Especially, after experiencing the level of pure LOVE for one’s children…I now better understand that sometimes only a big smooch on your kiddo’s pout will do!!! So I’ll continue to do what now feels natural to me until my lil’guy starts saying YUCK!!! Please Mamma :& which hopefully won’t be for a few more years!

Feliz Fin and Ciao for now  :*

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love and Lust for Life: Summer Feelin…

Summer is officially here! Yeay!!! even though June gloom will keep temps below average around these parts for a bit longer :(

Nonetheless, kids are out of school, traffic is lighter, hemlines are shorter and seasonal fruits and veggies abound...Delicioso!!!

Looking forward to some camping by the beach, outdoor meals with friends & family and trying out some ocean paddle boarding 0.0 Hooooooray for Summer 2012!!!

Ciao for now  :*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Product Lust: Peonies…

Enjoying Peony season courtesy of Trader Joe’s…These capricious blooms are my very fave! I await their flighty arrival with great anticipation each year…Lightly fragrant and gorgeous even as buds, but when they are in full bloom...Watch Out! This is one knockout of a flower!!!

The pink and coral varieties are my preference, but I really love them ALL. So I plan on heading back to TJ’s this weekend for another magnificent bunch, and just keep going back for más y más until they are finally done for the season, which hopefully won’t be for a few more precious weeks…Fingers crossed ;)

Feliz Fin and Ciao for now  :*

Friday, June 1, 2012

Food Lust: Melt in Your Mouth Joy!!!

Today is National Doughnut Day and I wanna give a huge, glazed covered smooch :* to whomever came up with this wonderful “Holiday” celebrating this most humble but divine of treats…Muchas Gracias!!!

Donuts have always been a weakness of mine :$ One only worsened by a fateful evening back in 1999; after a 20+ mile ride, piled into my friends POS of a car, for what he claimed would be the doughnut experience of a lifetime…”You’ve never had anything like it…These melt in your mouth!” Nonsense, I thought as I rolled my eyes and continued to inhale fumes from his faulty exhaust...

Having always enjoyed the doughier, more traditional cake like donuts, I could not wrap my mind around the melt in your mouth concept! “What exactly does he mean they will melt in my mouth???” I kept thinking, as we finally pulled into the parking lot of what would later become Mecca; much to my thighs chagrin :&

And as we ordered these small, glazed, lightly fried, pillows of dough, I harbored no grandiose expectations. But, as soon I bit into the first one I was hooked….and Boy! Do they EVER melt in your mouth!!!! So start your weekend off by claiming your FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnut ...I’ve already had mine ;)

Feliz Fin and Ciao for now  :*